Increase turnover

Make your product catalogue and Increase order size. Attract more buyers. More engaged and happy customers will order more products, more frequently through your platform than your competitors.

Reach new customers

Attract more customers with an easy to use, personalised and accurate platform, making your inventory and offers available to new and existing Cerve operators.

Optimised Logistics

Reduce time spent on order disputes and allow your sales team to dedicate more time to customer service and acquire new customers.


What is included?

A suite of products to enable establishing a personalised, easy to use and efficient digital presence including an Ordering platform, Wholesaler hub and ongoing Content Management.

Ordering Platform

Leading edge ordering experience.

Go beyond an e-commerce website with personalised products catalogue, prices, promotions and delivery scheduling providing a bespoke experience for each and every one of your customers.

  • Allow each of your customers to explore their own customised pricing and promotional products.
  • Seamless, quick, intuitive consumer level user experience, making it easy to deploy and drive.
  • Smart recommendations predict your customers next cart based on previous purchase behaviour.

Content Management

Unparalleled product data curation.

Remove the friction and resources required to deliver an engaging, content rich, accurate platform, and ensures that the right information, is presented to the right customers, with zero effort.

Wholesaler Hub

Powerful data administration platform.

Manage your product's and customer's data on your digital platforms to increase customer engagement, retain control and optimise delivery routes and logistic resources for each customer.

  • Manage your products information, promotions and prices to increase discoverability of products across the Cerve ordering platform.
  • Gain full control of your customer's access to the ordering platform.
  • Develop delivery schedules to optimise your logistics, delivery routes and terms of each and every one of your customers.


Doing all the heavy-lifting.

Cerve's unique approach built around deep rest-API implantation makes the creation and delivery of your platform a swift, pain-free process. Each Enterprise implementation is unique, but the process remains the same.


A discovery session is held to fully document your current design of platforms and services.


Cerve sets up your data, enhance your product information and prepares your ordering solution.


Review and onboarding sessions will be held to help you get started inviting your customers to Cerve.

SME Wholesale

“The ability to match delivery slots to each of our operators has allowed us to become more efficient without compromising service. Not only have we significantly reduced our logistics costs, we can talk with confidence about our commitment to decarbonisation.”

Dennis Primmer Head of Sales, Wijnjas Grosshandel