Increase your revenue and profit

Easier ordering for your customers means they order more from you, with basket sizes typically increasing by over 20% with current Cerve users.

Reduced administration

Receive orders automatically without any requirement for double or triple keying into your backend systems. Spend less time reconfirming and dealing with queries and more time delighting your customers.

Optimise logistics and deliveries

Schedule more efficient delivery routes and reduce costs and carbon by automatically offering and confirming delivery times and dates when orders are placed.

Ordering Platform

Bespoke experience for every customer.

Engage and delight your customers with personalised product catalogues and pricing information.

The Cerve ordering platform allows you to provide products catalogues, specific pricing and promotions (including discounts, rebates and offers), to each one of your customers, individually.

Intelligent Integration

Reduced admin, automated service.

Drive up employee engagement by eliminating all the hassle that comes with sorting out errors, disputes and queries as a result of manual processes.

Cerve connects directly to your ERP creating a single source of truth reducing administration time, resources and errors around products, prices and orders information.

SME Wholesale

"There is no doubt that by implementing the Cerve system our clients are happier, are buying more from us and our brand identity score has never been higher. We have also seen more new clients enquiring how they can order from us which is the result of our existing clients speaking so highly of the system."

Sokrates Kalenderidis CEO, Food Partner

Content Management

Rich, up-to-date and accurate product data.

Remove the friction and resources required to deliver an engaging, content rich, accurate platform, and ensures that the right information, is presented to the right customers, at the right time.

Both Natasha’s and Owen’s law have raised the awareness and the regulatory requirements about being clearer around supplier providing more information across both ingredients and allergens. Keeping any ordering process up to date with rich product details, images, pricing, can be highly time consuming.

Wholesaler Hub

More deliveries, less miles traveled.

Optimise time, mileage and carbon, and make the best use of your valuable delivery resources by aligning options for your customers to receive deliveries with your planned route schedules.

The Cerve Wholesaler hub includes the ability for you to design rules for each customer around delivery slots, minimum order size, free versus paid for delivery and many more features all designed to make your logistics, drivers and lorries more efficient.

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